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POSTCOLONIAL BANTER – Debut Poetry Collection, [X], Sept 2019. Preorder now.

A FLY GIRL’S GUIDE TO UNIVERSITY: Being a woman of colour at Cambridge and other institutions of power and elitism, [X], Jan 2019. *BUY ONLINE*
Cut From The Same Cloth, [X], a collection by British hijab-wearing women, 2019.

The Independent

‘Being Forced to Undress Wasn’t Exactly the Liberation I was Longing For’, [X], Aug 2016.
‘…A wild guess as to why Muslims are overrepresented in prison’, [X], Sept 2017.

The Guardian

‘I believe everything we’re fighting for is possible’, [X], Aug, 2018.
Why I withdrew from Bradford Literature Festival, [X], Jun, 2019.

Al Jazeera

A Critique of BBC Two’s ‘Lost Boys’ Documentary, [X], Aug, 2018.

New Internationalist

Why We Need Islamophobia Awareness Month, [X], Nov, 2018.


‘Nothing ‘neutral’ about the hijab ban’, [X], Mar 2017.


‘To the non-white Oxbridge Applicant’, [X], Oct 2017
‘Islamophobia is not a phobia’, [X], Nov 2017.
‘The Objectification and Reduction of Muslim Women at Protests. Everyone “Loves” a Muslim on a March, but Who Loves Us on the Train Home?’, [X], Jul 2018.


‘Islamophobia is not a phobia’, [X], Nov 2017
‘When Feminism and Islamophobia are Two Sides of the Same Coin’, [X], Jun 2018.

Fly Girls of Cambridge

Dear Liberal Feminists, Please Allow me a Little Agency???, [X], Jan 2015.
“They”, a poem, [X], Aug 2015.
Why “Being The Change” is no longer enough, [X], May 2015.

The Cambridge Student

‘A taste of Ramadan’, [X], 5 week column, 2014.