Poems (in chronological order)

This is Not A Humanising Poem, Roundhouse Poetry Slam, 2017.

Becharay, Khidr Collective Launch, July 2017.

The Downs Music Festival Poetry Set, Bristol, Sept 2017.

Response to Ofsted Hijab Controversy, online, Nov 2017.

Funeral of the “Authentic” Muslim Woman, TEDxYouth, Nov 2017.

“British-Born”, London, Nov 2017.

A Virtue of Disobedience, Book Commission, Feb 2018.

Surah Kafh on the Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, April 2018.

Paki, online, April 2018.

A Story for Ourselves This Time, Oct 2018.

This Is Not a Humanising Poem, What’s Up TV, 2018.

THIS is Islamophobia, MEND commission, Nov 2018.

British Values, 2018.

Bacon, Banknotes, Benjamins, Nov 2018.

National Sikh Youth Federation Poetry Set, March 2019.

P-P-P-Prevent, April 2019 support act for Lowkey.

Whose Eyes Are These Anyway?, April 2019 Intervention piece at The Albany.