An A-Z on being Muslim in Britain in 2015

I’ve noticed that Islam and my identity as a Muslim are the things I mention least on this blog. If I’m honest I have deliberately avoided talking about Islam at times this year. My silence has felt heavy, but the truth is that it’s been difficult to talk about. Difficult as an individual, difficult as a Muslim and difficult as someone who visibly identifies with … Continue reading An A-Z on being Muslim in Britain in 2015

Anger and the Politics of ‘Politeness’

In the past week it has become clearer to me than ever before that this society has a problem with anger. Not that it has an anger problem, but a problem with understanding and allowing anger. The recent election results caused me to vent on Facebook about anger towards those relishing five years of Tory government. Whilst a majority of my friends approved the sentiment there … Continue reading Anger and the Politics of ‘Politeness’