Cambridge: the benevolent aggressor

Seeing all the new faces around Cambridge this past week has made me rather sentimental. Memories of fresher’s week and the whole fear-ridden first term come flooding back. I search amongst those new faces especially for brown and black faces. I search for them because I wish somebody had searched for me. Everytime I see a woman in a hijab I feel overwhelmed with excitement, … Continue reading Cambridge: the benevolent aggressor

Cambridge University support the soon-to-be-scrapped AS level

Two weeks ago Cambridge University issued a letter to schools across the UK encouraging students to continue taking AS-levels, despite government plans to scrap them for the 2015 cohort. This move is based on the University’s commitment to UMS marks rather than GCSEs as the best indicators of students’ abilities. It is a noteworthy political move displaying significant contempt of government plans, yet, sounding much … Continue reading Cambridge University support the soon-to-be-scrapped AS level