I am a woman of women, and without them I would not be

Content note: imperialism and colonialism, British Empire. They say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone; well, in the case of the heritage, culture and history of a third-generation Pakistani woman, I am thankful that the knowing has taken place before the going has gone. Iconic Pan-African philosopher and Black nationalist Marcus Garvey famously said, “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and … Continue reading I am a woman of women, and without them I would not be

Why are we calling it a “Migrant Crisis”?

Content Note: discussion of migration, racism, racialised masculinities, masculinity, gendering of migration, colonialism, imperialism, Euro-centrism, dehumanisation of black and brown bodies. “Migrant crisis”. These two words have become so overused as a label to term the plight of non-white human beings deemed “problems” to the European continent, that they have lost any poignancy they may once have held. I saw an article yesterday headlined something … Continue reading Why are we calling it a “Migrant Crisis”?

Freedom of speech or ‘Us’ against ‘Them’?

Okay, number 1, yes, I would like ‘freedom of speech’ and I would defend people’s rights to it. But, number 2: I question that it currently exists in the universal, uncompromising, legitimate way it is made to sound like it exists in. When we defend FOS as a bastion of the ‘liberal, civilised West’ I think we have to be very careful. Whose freedom of speech are … Continue reading Freedom of speech or ‘Us’ against ‘Them’?