What if Neo had taken both pills? | A Reflection on a Summer School and Feelings of Madness

It has been exactly one Gregorian-calendar-month since I left Granada, Spain, where I attended the Critical Muslim Studies two-week summer school. I had intended to write up some notes or musings as soon as I got back because there was so much to reflect on from what I enjoyed, to what frustrated me, and unresolved questions. But upon returning to the UK a certain heaviness … Continue reading What if Neo had taken both pills? | A Reflection on a Summer School and Feelings of Madness

SOAS vs Cambridge

This week marks the beginning of my year of studying (Postcolonial Studies) at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies) in London. Though practically unheard of by many, SOAS has a reputation for being a very political space and an institution with appreciation for critical and sometimes radical analysis and thought. To my mind, entering this space would be jumping from one extreme experience of … Continue reading SOAS vs Cambridge

Guest Post: Comfortable Lies

Content note: mental health, mention of eating disorders, stigma. For anybody who’s spent more than one term at this university, the message that ‘we have to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health’ will be familiar. Talking about mental health problems is vital, and as long as any sufferer feels worried, awkward or ashamed about the issues they are facing, it is a message that we … Continue reading Guest Post: Comfortable Lies

Depression at Cambridge

CW: discussion of mental health, anxiety, depression, OCD, eating disorders, self-harming, loneliness. Mental health is a huge huge issue for students at Cambridge. This has been repeatedly talked about, measured and debated. Could they be doing more? Should they? Why do 46% of students feel depressed? – These are conversations that seem to take place again and again with little result. Yes, there is a … Continue reading Depression at Cambridge