Why are we calling it a “Migrant Crisis”?

Content Note: discussion of migration, racism, racialised masculinities, masculinity, gendering of migration, colonialism, imperialism, Euro-centrism, dehumanisation of black and brown bodies. “Migrant crisis”. These two words have become so overused as a label to term the plight of non-white human beings deemed “problems” to the European continent, that they have lost any poignancy they may once have held. I saw an article yesterday headlined something … Continue reading Why are we calling it a “Migrant Crisis”?

On “Sounding White” and Being Brown

This week I got a brief and exhilarating taste of the legitimacy with which people can treat you with if you’re white. I was ringing around archives to find out about dissertation research and at one point I realised, everyone was treating me with a bizarre level of legitimacy that I had not before experienced in doing my research. In that moment, it hit me. … Continue reading On “Sounding White” and Being Brown