On Fear

CW: discussion of racism, islamophobia, presidential election, fear. This is not a clever political analysis and this is not an attempt at explanation. This post is purely feelings. It is feelings because feelings are deemed irrelevant in political discourse and devalued as feminine traits more widely. I’d like to think its transgressive to write only from the perspective of feelings then. But more than that, … Continue reading On Fear

‘I thought YOU’D find that problematic?’

CN: racism, sexism, marginalisation, silencing. It’s 2016 and I am That Person. Not always, but a lot of times. The One Who Talks About Race, The Angry One, The Intersectional Feminist. Sometimes I like it, I like to make people feel uncomfortable, like to be a Nuisance just by being there. But recently its also begun to make me feel trapped. People expect opinions on things, … Continue reading ‘I thought YOU’D find that problematic?’

Anger and the Politics of ‘Politeness’

In the past week it has become clearer to me than ever before that this society has a problem with anger. Not that it has an anger problem, but a problem with understanding and allowing anger. The recent election results caused me to vent on Facebook about anger towards those relishing five years of Tory government. Whilst a majority of my friends approved the sentiment there … Continue reading Anger and the Politics of ‘Politeness’