On Fear

CW: discussion of racism, islamophobia, presidential election, fear. This is not a clever political analysis and this is not an attempt at explanation. This post is purely feelings. It is feelings because feelings are deemed irrelevant in political discourse and devalued as feminine traits more widely. I’d like to think its transgressive to write only from the perspective of feelings then. But more than that, … Continue reading On Fear

More Realisations in Harlem: some thoughts from a white friend.

The purpose of this blog is first and foremost for my own voice and thoughts. I am not one to platform those who already have many platforms and I am certainly not one to consciously perpetuate the centering of whiteness and particularly white men’s voices. However, a white male friend of mine wrote this in light of last week’s post and I decided I wanted others … Continue reading More Realisations in Harlem: some thoughts from a white friend.

‘Classically beautiful’ just means White

Content Warning: body image, beauty standards, white supremacy, male gaze, misogyny, sexualisation, desirability. The other day I saw a post online which articulated something to me that I have never properly addressed. It wasn’t complex, it was very straightforward, and that’s why it hit me so hard. It said, ‘I’m realising that all the girls I was jealous of n thought were super beautiful n … Continue reading ‘Classically beautiful’ just means White

Cambridge: the benevolent aggressor

Seeing all the new faces around Cambridge this past week has made me rather sentimental. Memories of fresher’s week and the whole fear-ridden first term come flooding back. I search amongst those new faces especially for brown and black faces. I search for them because I wish somebody had searched for me. Everytime I see a woman in a hijab I feel overwhelmed with excitement, … Continue reading Cambridge: the benevolent aggressor

Is it possible to be Middle-Class whilst being brown?

Content Note: discussion of class-identity and being racialisd. This is the first year I have watched and begun to follow The Great British Bake Off. Whilst some people have seen this as a travesty in terms of how late it is in the day; others have laughed at my entering the ranks of the white middle-classes. Now hold up just a second. I get that … Continue reading Is it possible to be Middle-Class whilst being brown?