Speeches/Video (in chronological order)


TEDx Talk, ‘I’m Bored of Talking About Muslim Women’, Nov 2017.

Women Making History dinner, Cambridge University,  Jan 2017.

Breaking Down Not a Humanising Poem, Lewisham mosque, Sept 2017.

Understanding Islam Conference, Ipswich, Oct 2017.

Beyond the Moderate/Extreme Binary, North Harrow, May 2018.

‘Not Today’s Yesterday’ Post-Show Discussion with Seeta Patel, Bradford, Oct 2018.

Trinity Hall, Cambridge Women & Non-Binary Dinner, Nov 2018.


BBC IDEAS: We Need To Stop Oversimplifying Violence, Jan 2019. LINK: X.


Short Documentary: The Women Who Speak Without Interruptions, May 2016.

Muslim Vibe Podcast, ‘Female Muslim Empowerment’, July 2017.

Khidr Collective, ‘Launch Night Video’, July 2017.

Middle East Eye, ‘Poet Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan‘, July 2017.

The Islam Channel, Women’s AM, July 2017.

Project Ribcage interview, ‘Faith, Poetry & Love’, Nov 2017.

Da Poetry Lounge, L.A. ‘The Wait’, March 2018.

Deutsche Welle Urdu language interview, Berlin, May 2018.

Guardian – One Person Can Matter, London, August 2018.

Outspoken Podcast, Tackling Prejudice with Suhaiymah, London, Feb 2019.

TRT – Muslims in Britain: Unheard Voices Documentary, 2019.

Hostile Environment – Islamophobia in Britain Documentary, Jun 2019.